I sit at a microtome to do my job. I sit in a histology lab with other techs. I cut surgical blocks that contain small samples of human tissue; lung, heart, bowel, skin, bone, anything that is a part of a person. Some days all goes well. This day the tech sitting next to me…… Continue reading Reprocessing


You have had a mole removed. It could be cancer. It looked suspicious enough that your doctor removed it. He sent it to the lab and you never received a diagnosis. The specimen was lost. You can’t resubmit the specimen like you could blood or urine. It’s gone. What happens now? Did you get a…… Continue reading Lost

The Hidden Lab

Have you ever wondered what happens to biopsies? TV shows gloss over the reality. What they do, of course, is a myth. Your biopsies go to Histology labs.  Such labs are usually tucked away in a mass of other labs and rarely visited. Chances are you don’t even know it exists. The only time you might visit…… Continue reading The Hidden Lab