Lost Again

They lost another patient’s specimen today. I noticed the supervisor, assistant supervisor, lead tech, and two of my fellow techs searching under every piece of equipment, desk, and through all the garbage. They came around to each of us who were cutting to see if the lost block was among our blocks. Maybe it was…… Continue reading Lost Again

Where to go for Care

Care varies with the size of the institution. As a patient, this information can be important in choosing a hospital. In my experience, there is a direct relationship between the degree of expertise of a lab, pathologist, or surgeon based on the size/type of the hospital. Local Community Hospital A local community hospital does not usually…… Continue reading Where to go for Care

Fast Work in the Histology Lab

Karen is going on maternity leave and that is met with sorrow. It’s not that she is so fantastic to work with. She is nice and she tells funny stories, but the thing everyone loves is how fast she can cut blocks. Cut blocks. Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about. If you have…… Continue reading Fast Work in the Histology Lab

Special Staining on Your Biopsies, Waste, Teaching, and CYA

This week I am working in the special stains area of Histology. That is where we stain your biopsy, a slide made from your biopsy actually, and add colors to it so pathologists can see things better. Every biopsy has an H+E done on it. That is a pink and blue stain. Here is an…… Continue reading Special Staining on Your Biopsies, Waste, Teaching, and CYA

CJD: Contagious Dementia

CJD: Contagious Dementia One of my co-workers has inhaled a specimen infected with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, CJD. There was a case that no one knew was CJD. She cut it, which creates thin paraffin ribbons. The ribbon broke. It fluttered at her face and she breathed. The next day a pathologist called our lab and told…… Continue reading CJD: Contagious Dementia


Patient biopsies can be accidentally thrown away. When I first started this job they didn’t save the trash, as was common practice at other jobs. They tossed out a few biopsies, as happens once or twice a month, and couldn’t retrieve them because the trash was taken away the night before. Now they save the trash. They save…… Continue reading Trash

A Boy-man in the Lab

A buffoon, a boy-man, an ass works in our lab and has caused the destruction of biopsies. I say he is a buffoon and an ass because he uses distractions and poor lab practices to disrupt the rest of us who have to work with him. He is a boy in a man’s body, interested…… Continue reading A Boy-man in the Lab