What’s Up

I usually put up a post when something happens that I think patients should know about. I want people to understand how our type of lab can either cause them harm or help diagnose their worst conditions and help.

I haven’t posted much over the last few months because all has gone well. Nothing has happened to trigger my ‘gotta let them know’ response. That is kind of wonderful especially since the lab is extremely busy at this time of year. We have between two to five-hundred extra blocks a day to handle. That is nearly double the workload at other times of the year.

Not everything goes perfect but it is nothing that will hurt anyone. We are still breaking in the new residents we got in June, teaching them how to do the job well, and we are still low staffed and trying to train new help. We are still losing specimens but, thankfully, we have also found them.

Best of all, the boy-man who is in charge of the processors is doing his job right! Reprocessing has dropped off which makes diagnosis so much safer.

So Happy Holidays all of our patients! Our gift to you this Christmas, is getting it right. Everyone be well and enjoy the holidays.christmas-2983901_1920 (1).jpg


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