What Does That Study Mean?

My daughter recommended the topic for my last post:┬áHospital Quality and Care. She had seen a number of advertisements by drug companies that claimed their drug would help cancer patients. I commonly comment on these types of advertisements and she wanted to me explain to you how I determine when drugs are good or bad.…… Continue reading What Does That Study Mean?

Hospital Quality and Care

Every hospital has its week and strong areas of care. The number of nurses per patient, chances of getting infected with MRSA, the death rate during various surgical procedures, and the types of care provided are a few examples of the ways in which a hospital might be considered. As a patient, once admitted, you…… Continue reading Hospital Quality and Care

Will Your Doctor Tell You When They Error?

  A case I remember well involved a simple endometrial scraping, a curetting, a common type of specimen. An error occurred and it nearly resulted in a patient getting treatment for cancer that she didn’t have. As a patient, do you think the lab should have reported this error? It caused the patient no harm.…… Continue reading Will Your Doctor Tell You When They Error?